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Section 1

Theoretical chemistry. Molecular spectroscopy. Dr. Adrian Beteringhe
Dr. Sorana Ionescu
s01 at

Section 2

Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics. Dr. Florentina Maxim
Dr. Elena Pincu
Dr. Mariana Teodorescu
s02 at

Section 3

Surface phenomena. Colloids. Dr. Cristian Hornoiu
Dr. Teodora Staicu
s03 at

Section 4

Electrochemistry. Corrosion. Ionic liquids. Dr. Cecilia Lete
Dr. Florina Teodorescu
s04 at

Section 5

Advanced materials science. Dr. Irina Atkinson
Dr. Oana Mocioiu
Dr. Jeanina Pandele-Cuşu
s05 at

Section 6

Biophysical, environmental and green chemistry. Dr. Mirela Enache
Dr. Adina Muşuc
Dr. Ana-Maria Toader
s06 at

Section 7

Catalysis and chemical engineering. Dr. Ramona Ene
Dr. Răzvan State
s07 at

Workshop 8

Sol-gel science and applications. Dr. Mălina Răileanu
Dr. Luminiţa Predoana
s08 at

Workshop 9

Advanced ellipsometry and X-ray techniques for nanostructured material characterization. Dr. Maria Duţă s09 at



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