Section / Symposium Secretary
Section 1 Theoretical chemistry. Molecular structure and spectroscopy Dr. Sorana Ionescu
Dr. Adrian Beteringhe
Section 2 Chemical kinetics; Photochemistry; Radiochemistry Dr. Mihaela Puiu
Section 3 Chemical thermodynamics Dr. Mariana Teodorescu
Section 4 Adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis Dr. Ioan Balint
Section 5 Electrochemistry. Ionic liquids Dr. Cecilia Lete
Dr. Virgil Constantin
Section 6 Corrosion and corrosion protection Dr. Cecilia Lete
Section 7 Physical chemistry of colloids and macromolecules Dr. Teodora Staicu
Drd. Cornelia Ilie
Section 8 Physical chemistry of materials. Chemical engineering Dr. Oana Mocioiu
Section 9 Biophysical chemistry Dr. Mirela Enache
Section 10 Physical chemistry of the environment. Physico-chemical analysis Dr. Valentina Chiosa
Symposium 11 Fluid Phase Equilibria Dr. Alexandru Barhala
Symposium 12 Sol-Gel Science and Technology Dr. Oana Mocioiu
Symposium 13 Molecular Science and Engineering (4th Korean-Romanian Workshop) Dr. Vlad T. Popa
Symposium 14 Magnetochemistry Dr. Gabriel Munteanu
Symposium 15 Protein denaturation: physico-chemical modulation/evidence Dr. Gabriela Ionita


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